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Ar15 Tool

  • Upper Receiver Vise Block

    Upper Receiver Vise Block

    upper receiver vise block Description: This item is designed to secure the upper receiver for quick assemble, disassemble, repair and maintenance. Allows for safe clamping of upper receiver into a vise Fits both carry handles and flattop upper receiver Solid quality with...Read MoreChat Now
  • Vice Block

    Vice Block

    vice block Description: This vise block tool is to clamp rifle lower receiver firmly for effective cleaning, assembly and repair. It is the essential tool for general maintenance and repair of lower receivers. Allows safe mounting of the lower receiver into a vise, it will...Read MoreChat Now
  • Ar-15 Extended Charging Handle

    Ar-15 Extended Charging Handle

    ar-15 extended charging handle Specification : Mil-Spec 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Black Finish Ambidextrous Steel latch installed Smooth Operation under Extreme Conditions Fits: AR-15 Charging , Handle , Latch , Steel , AmbidextrousRead MoreChat Now
  • Ar 15/M16 Handle Bolt Assembly Charging Handle

    Ar 15/M16 Handle Bolt Assembly Charging Handle

    Descriptions : Enlarged extended grasping surface for smooth.The charging handle is one of the most common replacement components of an AR-15; the constant use wears them down. Don't get caught needing and not having this essential piece of your AR-15 rifle-our affordable...Read MoreChat Now
  • Ar 15 Charging Handle Latch

    Ar 15 Charging Handle Latch

    Description : 1..223/5.56 .308/7.62 Ambidextrous tactical latch. 2.Simply punch out one pin and replace your standard latch on your charging handle. 3.Easy installation no gun smith skill needed. 4.Industrial Grade Steel 5.Heat Treated 6.Solid Machined Construction 7.Black...Read MoreChat Now
  • Ar 15 Extended Charging Handle Latch

    Ar 15 Extended Charging Handle Latch

    Description : 1.Black oxide finish, solid precision machined construction. 2.The all steel oversized Tac Latch mounts onto your charging handle for easier chargin 3.Industrial Grade Steel Heat Treated 4.Solid Machined Construction 5.Steel Over Sized Tac Latch 6.Heat Treated...Read MoreChat Now
  • Ar15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    Ar15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    Description : 1.This charging handle body is CNC machined out of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum. 2.Constructed with Aluminum Material 3.The charging handle body features a black anodized type 3 hard coat for reliability and durability. 4.The charging handle material provides the...Read MoreChat Now
  • AR-15/M4 Combo New Style Wrench Tool

    AR-15/M4 Combo New Style Wrench Tool

    Description : 1.8-in-1 AR15 armorer wrench has 8 must have tools in one . 2.AR15 barrel nut wrench: Easy disassembly and installation of barrels and free float tubes/handguards. 3.Ar15 buttstock buffer and castle nut tools: Quick removal and replacement of buffer tubes and...Read MoreChat Now
  • AR-15/M16 Handguard Removal Delta Ring Wrench

    AR-15/M16 Handguard Removal Delta Ring Wrench

    Description : 1.This wrench allows you to easily remove of handguards from .223/.556/.308 AR style rifles, by compressing the delta ring. The steel handles on the wrench are covered with non-slip rubber. This provides a secure grip while avoiding any damage to your rifle....Read MoreChat Now
  • AR-15 Delta Ring Wrench Tool

    AR-15 Delta Ring Wrench Tool

    Description : 1.Handguard Removal Tool 2.This Tool makes it easy for one person to the sometimes difficult task of Removing or Installing GI Handguards 3.Works with Rifle, Carbine, & Mid-Length Handguards. Tool end goes into the Mag Well and the arms slips over the Delta...Read MoreChat Now
  • Boresnake 5.56mm Gun Cleaning

    Boresnake 5.56mm Gun Cleaning

    Preduct Specifications: The boresnake consist of : 1. BORE BRUSH : embedded in the cord loosens hard deposits. 2. FIRST FLOSS AREA : removes foreign particles prior to the scrubbing action of the brush. 3. MAIN FLOSS AREA : with 160 times more surface area than a patch,...Read MoreChat Now
  • Boresnake 9mm Gun Cleaning

    Boresnake 9mm Gun Cleaning

    Description : 1.Cal: 9mm 2.Net weight: 30g ; 3.Color : as pictures showed ; 4.Brushes an swabs bore in one quick pass ; 5.Built-in bore brushes ; 6.Multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through , the shortest action or port ; 7.Initial floss area (inside...Read MoreChat Now
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