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Affect the life factor of the rifle
Nov 29, 2018

The life of a firearm depends mainly on the original design, the level of manufacturing, and the subsequent maintenance.

The first is design, which is critical. For example, the Hanyang rifle that many people know is actually the Chinese version of the German 1888 rifle. However, the gun is easy to blow up and the accident rate is extremely high. This naturally makes it impossible to talk about the life of the firearm. It’s fried.

Then there is the level of manufacturing. The design of the firearms is on the one hand, but the level of manufacturing is also very important. For example, the AK rifle produced in East Germany is widely acclaimed and durable, but the quality of the AK rifle in the small country like Afghanistan is naturally poor. Life is completely incomparable with quality products.

The last is maintenance. In the daily use of firearms, there will be a lot of dirt, copper hanging, etc., and maintenance and maintenance can keep the firearms in good condition and can be used for a long time. For example, in the early days of the Vietnam War, the US military's M16 was generally because there was no maintenance, resulting in a malfunction of the gas guiding structure, and the firearms could not be used normally.

However, there is another problem that the design life and service life are different. Many weapons can still be used even after the design life, but the performance may be degraded. For example, some old guns, although they have already passed the service life, can still be used. Like the anti-war, many of the Chinese military's old Hanyang and even the squall line have been smoothed, but they can still continue to use.

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