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Brake Design Method Competition
Nov 10, 2017

These designs are designed to successfully guide the gas emission direction and neutralize (counteract) the reaction of gas to the gun/cannon, because the volume and speed of the gas are quite alarming, and if the guidance succeeds it is like the design of the thrust reverse device on the aircraft. ; For example, the muzzle of a AKM is slightly tilted to the lower right side of the bezel (baffles), the purpose is to use the warhead after the gas rapid expansion of the chamber, the impact on the baffle, then the baffle produces a reaction to suppress the muzzle to the top left of the beating.

The more advanced brake design is to use the baffle or to increase the volume of the brake, increasing the gas capacity and the speed of the hysteresis, which is the basic principle of using linear auxiliaries; In addition to increasing the volume of the brake, while at the same time the guide Groove (longitudinal or transverse due to the gun species and ammunition, especially the race gun species of ammunition is usually filled by the player), This technique is often found in the iPSC race gun.

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