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Brake of a chariot cannon
Nov 10, 2017

The most basic design of the brake can be used as a reference for the brake of the M3 chariot cannon (tank guns). The brakes are usually like a cage at the end of a gun/barrel, however, there are about four types of gas emission structures: Linear guides (slots), guided exhaust pipes (vents, directional exhaust pipes), guided/non-guided vent (holes), airflow baffle (baffles). As long as the warhead is fired, the gas that is pushed back will be controlled by the various forms of guided evacuation in front.

Another design of the brakes is the design of a non directional design, in the gun/muzzle close to the end of the distribution of uniform exhaust holes, often the warhead has not really been shot/bore outside the gas has been discharged from these vents

The third design of the brakes is to delay the emission of gas rather than to limit the direction of the discharge; that is, the gun/muzzle is provided with a device to hold gas, and the suppressor can be counted as a brake.

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