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Can the laser be used as a calibration instrument with optical magnification?
Aug 07, 2018

The laser is generally used as a close-range combat such as indoor cqb, and is not used for precision use at a long distance.

The reason why the laser can't be shot with long-distance precision has a characteristic: the laser has a cone principle, that is, the person holding the used equipment must have a certain degree of jitter, and the short-range laser point has a small amplitude and distance. The farther the laser spot is, the more the jitter amplitude increases at the target. And the long-distance jitter can not be compensated by any means, including the existence of this jitter value. When the naked-eye observation of the red-point jitter can not be completely eliminated, it will bring great pressure to the psychology. Under the psychological pressure, the accuracy effect is rather poor.

In addition, as an indicator, the calibrator can only be used as a rough calibration, which cannot completely replace the manual accuracy adjustment, because the non-diffusion of the laser light and the actual flight path cannot be completely matched.

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