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Definition of optical sights
Nov 10, 2017
Mainly by the sight of the lens, the scale of the cylinder, direction and high-low machine and other devices. When used, the aiming fixture is fitted to the direction angle and the high and low angle of the target, and the aiming parameter is given to the weapon to carry out the shooting, and the trajectory is corrected through constant range and direction to ensure the accurate passing of the target. The artillery is used in optical sights, and is divided into sights aimed directly at shooting and aimed at shooting with an indirect aim. The former for artillery fire can be used as the target, mainly by the sight and high angle of the device, aiming at the lens of the partition plate engraved with distance division, direction ahead of the Division and aiming division. It is fixed on the gun rocker, when the high angle is at 0 digits, its optical axis is parallel to the bore axis. The latter for artillery in the shielding position of the indirect target shooting, mainly by the weekly sight sight, high angle of the device and the height of the gun to the angle of the set. With the help of the high-low-level machine, it can also be used to remove the influence of the tilt-adjusting device on the aiming precision. Optical sights are mainly used for artillery, machine guns, sniper rifles and tank guns.

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