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Does holographic sight have a ranging function?
Nov 05, 2018

The Eotech xps 2-0 calibration distance for normal rifles is 50m. The mirror with no magnification outside 200 meters is basically invisible, and it is probably far from the heart. It’s not too far to be beaten, but it needs to be tried deliberately.

Below is a chart of visual estimates

Figure 1 is -0, Figure 2 is -2 300blk, Figure 3 is -4




The accuracy of the holographic intermediate point is 1moa, (* ̄) ̄)

In addition, if you want to measure distance, there is a range finder. The picture below shows a friend's Accuracy International R700. Equipped with SilencerCo rangefinder, SilencerCo Saker762 silencer, doctor can mirror. The range finder has a root line that extends near the trigger. There is a small button on the thread. After pressing it, the distance is displayed on the small screen.


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