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Glass plate differentiation and Wire differentiation?
Jan 16, 2018

Differentiation of the wire is the cross line and other divisions of the wire is stretched fixed in the sleeve to form aiming point while the glass plate is the line of sight is directly engraved on the center of the lens.For the most of the glass split mirror because the wire Can not make the tick mark, such as the digital calibration of the military aiming to do the glass pull differentiation.But just because of this more complex differentiation are generally used in the military sighting mirror, so it may give one-sided feeling of differentiation plate is the relationship To shock resistance, while ignoring the more important impact of the production process! For example: cross-line gun are aimed at the gun wire is divided, not for any reason the cross-line aiming also made of glass .Because the glass has not been able to make the differentiation, this is the case both at home and abroad. Sales process has been demolished several Philippines, Japan and other countries in the late 1980s used cross-line military aiming, not a glass form of differentiation!

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