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How to distinguish the Riflescope replicas? How is the Riflescope seismic test data introduced?
Sep 10, 2018

There are many Riflescopes on the market today, but they are indispensable for shoddy. Some products look like metal casings. But the internals are not shockproof at all. And there are some so-called preventions of how many impacts are completely unfounded. The so-called gun aiming seismic test and anti-drop test actually do not exist for a few hundred RMB of oem products, even if there is a cut-off. The anti-seismic test of the real military aiming, the anti-drop test requires a detailed written report and the official seal of the relevant department. If you can't produce a detailed report, you can't prove any substantive problem by verbal propaganda! For the average of a few hundred dollars oem sight is simply can not talk about what earthquake test, anti-drop test! Because it is not for the military to finalize production, there is no such similar experiment, completely fabricated, no practical significance! For this, many customers after purchasing and using can have a deep understanding!

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