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How to maintain the scope in winter
Oct 11, 2018

Generally, friends who like the scope know how to maintain the scope, but nothing changes little at different times, but it is ignored by us. For example, the lens in the scope may change due to weather or temperature. So the following teaches you how to maintain the scope in winter. Some people may ask, is the maintenance method of winter sights not the same as usual? The answer is different, because the temperature in winter is very low, sometimes it will rain and snow. It will become very wet and the lens will be damaged, so if you don't use the scope in winter, you need to know how to maintain it.

A friend familiar with the scope knows that it is an optical instrument and a very sophisticated optical instrument. It is generally no problem to work in spring, autumn or normal temperature. People use it very conveniently, but in the more extreme seasons of summer and winter, problems arise. Because the temperature is too low in winter, the scope will reduce the accuracy of receiving the reflected light from the object, and the water vapor on the lens will also condense into small ice crystals, which will not only affect the clarity of the field of view but also cause great damage to the lens. . So don't use the scope when the temperature is too low.

Then, when not using the scope, you should cover the scope with a large piece of cotton or directly collect it. Because in the winter when it rains or snows, there will be many small drops of water floating in the air. If the sight is bare, the small drops of water will fall on the scope. If you cover a piece of cotton, you can give the small drops of water. Absorbed and kept the sight dry. Because the cotton cloth has very good hygroscopicity, it can absorb the water vapor in the air, so that the periphery of the scope is kept dry, so that the lens will not be affected by the cold and cold air. Therefore, in the winter, the scope should be warmed and the service life should be extended.

Now everyone understands why the maintenance of the scope and how to maintain it in the winter?

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