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How to use the scope ingeniously when shooting at night
Oct 15, 2018

Some players like to shoot at night, and they are interested in how optical sights can be used in poor optics. How can I shoot the target accurately at night? Here are some tips for shooting at night.

Tip 1. Use a single-tube monocular night vision device and an internal red dot sight. The night vision device is worn on the head, and then the player can first observe the surrounding situation. When the target is seen, the shooting tool with the inner red dot scope is used to aim the shooting.

Tip 2, use night vision and single point collimation scope. First install the scope on the shooting tool, then use the night vision device to observe the surrounding conditions and start aiming at the shot once the prey appears.

Tip 3: Use a night vision scope. There are many types of sights currently used for night shooting. You can choose one to use. It is recommended to use infrared night vision goggles. You can shoot when you see the red dot aiming.

Tip 4: Use Kepler sights and night vision devices. Install a night vision device in front of the Kepler sight so that you can start shooting at night as soon as you see the target. When the target is observed, the shooting tool is lifted directly, and the shooting is completed in one step, which is very fast. However, the Kepler sight used should be doubled for easy aiming.

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