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How to use the super wide-angle sight
Oct 05, 2018

Many people nowadays prefer to use ultra-wide-angle sights. Because the mirrors are the same size, the same magnification, and the same size, the imaging area is much larger than the ordinary mirror. The imaging is obvious and the field of view is wide. Especially at the same magnification, there are some ultra-wide-angle sights with smaller objective lenses, and the imaging area is larger than the larger scope of the objective lens and the imaging area. Seeing the vision is even better.

However, it is such a product, as long as it is used at the time of inattention, there will be some problems. For example, there are often people who use it to indicate that they are inaccurate when they are in close range, and when they are playing, they are high and low. Or when you hit the point, left and right. The deviation is very large. In fact, this is because an optical sight wants to form a correct aim. The imaging area must be a perfect circle. When your eye is at the center of the optical axis, the shadow area around the light sight is the same. At this point, the shooting can guarantee a hundred and one hundred. If the eye and the optical axis do not coincide when aiming, when the shadow on one side is large and the other side is small, the trajectory will shift toward the side with the smaller shadow.

Previously, when there was no wide-angle sight, we could use this method to confirm whether parallax occurred to correct our aiming posture. After the wide-angle sight appeared, the imaging quality of the scope had a long progress. When imaging, the black shadow area of the edge was artificially eliminated. Many of the previous black shadow areas became imaging areas. This greatly facilitates the aiming of the shooter.

The imaging effect of the wide-angle sight has already surpassed the early sights. The surrounding shadow area is basically negligible and the line of sight is wide, but then, when aiming, if we can not strengthen the basic skills of the self well, not only Not playing well, it will also cause this sight to be inferior to the conventional sight. Compared to the old-fashioned optical sight, the scope of the super wide-angle light path is not obvious due to the shadow area. Even when there is an aiming error, it is not easy to find. So there is a mistake that should not happen when shooting, this must be avoided.

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