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Introduction to the ballistic adjustment of the Riflescope
Oct 07, 2018

Just begin to contact the optical sight to understand its structure and principles, and also know how to adjust the sight. The optical sight uses the principle of optical imaging to let the player aim at the target object. It needs to have light when it is used, or there are objects around it that can be used as a light source.

Most of the time when playing the scope is used on the shooting tool, but we need to make ballistic adjustment when shooting with the shooting tool, and align the cross and the bullet point to ensure the accuracy of the shooting. There are two adjustment buttons in the middle position of the sight, one is the height adjustment, one left and right adjustment, and the other can also be called the direction hand wheel and the high and low hand wheel. With these two adjustment tools, the up and down movement of the impact point can be performed.

The height adjustment and the left and right adjustments are used to adjust the impact point, which is actually adjusting the position of the cross. The high and low adjustment buttons are marked with UP, and the left and right adjustment buttons are marked with L. If the height control knob is turned counterclockwise, the impact point will rise, and if it is twisted counterclockwise, it will fall. If you turn the up and down knob counterclockwise, the impact point will move to the left, and if it is turned clockwise, it will move to the right. Remember the rules of this movement and be able to use the ballistic knobs skillfully. The adjustment button will make a squeaking sound during each adjustment, and if the sound is crisp, it means that the adjustment is in place.

When adjusting the ballistic adjustment, be sure to cover the cover here after each use to prevent dust and water vapor from entering the internal structure of the damage sight. When adjusting, use two adjustment knobs together. You can only use the height control knob or just the left and right adjustment knobs.

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