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Parallax and zoom magnification of the scope
Oct 17, 2018

Many hunting or shooting people often use sights, so the concept of parallax should be no stranger. What is the meaning of the parallax and zooming of the scope? What are the concepts of both? Let’s take a look at it today.

First, parallax

The so-called parallax is that we observe the difference in the direction of the same target from two points with a certain distance. From a professional point of view, the angle between two points from the target is called the parallax of two points, and the distance between the two points is called the baseline. As long as we know the parallax angle and the baseline length, we can basically calculate the distance between the target and the observer. The parallax can be represented by the opening angle at the distance between two different positions of the observer. We need to know that there is a distance between the left eye and the right eye of the person, which causes a subtle difference in the angle of view between the two eyes. It is such a small difference that the two eyes separately observe the scene. Dot displacement. We should all understand this truth. Parallax is determined by the human eye. Each person's age is different from the same vision. The resulting parallax is naturally different. The human eye is still so, then it is inevitable that we observe the object through the sight to produce parallax. Although many sights are now equipped with parallax adjustments, they can only be minimized and not completely eliminated.

Second, variable magnification parallax

The zooming parallax is more pronounced than a sight without multiples or no magnification. The reason is very simple. Most people have used the camera. The camera has a process from blur to sharpness during zooming, and this process is the focus that is often used. The camera is focused by the machine. We adjust the scope from 4x to 10x and our eyes will change accordingly. The crosshair continues to aim at the target and is also a focus process.

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