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Picatinny rail
Sep 28, 2018

The main advantages are:

1. Applicable equipment is available (additional equipment other than weapons can be installed)

2, the positioning is exact (the various points of the taper and groove are suitable for the fastening of the equipment)

3, flexible and diverse (can be fixed in a variety of positions of the weapon, can be installed as needed)

The shortcomings are:

1. The grip is not easy, and the jacket should be attached to the part where the equipment is not installed.

2. The installation and disassembly speed of the equipment is slow, and it takes a long time to operate the nut.

3, the equipment is easy to loose, this can not be counted, because the tightening device (nuts, etc.) is with the equipment, not part of the rail.

4, the weight is large, causing an extra burden on the barrel.

5, the shooter often grips the guard when using, affecting the accuracy of the barrel.

6. When R.I.S is fixed on the barrel, the barrel is heated and expanded, which affects the structure of R.I.S., which in turn affects the accuracy of shooting.

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