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Riflescope Uses Common Sense
Feb 01, 2018

The refliescope magnification

    Because the objective lens adjustment is outside the tune by the processing accuracy and the weather and carry the impact of relatively easy to inflow or damage water, so in recent years, sight with the tune, that is, we often say the sideways, this approach is In the aiming mirror used a concave lens, through the front and rear of the movement, change the focus of the imaging lens group, so that the cross and the division point coincide. To eliminate the difference.

Due to the optical principle is limited, each sight is aiming at the error .Optical engineers in the early years of gun sight, carried out the elimination of the difference between the design. The main thing is the use of the objective lens adjustment function. The main is at the objective, the design of the flow Objective lens group .When the objective lens group is screwed, the internal distance of the objective lens is changed, so that the internal focus is changed, thereby eliminating the parallax and making the striking point correct. Focusing function of the objective lens is mainly to adjust the parallax. The presence of a direct impact on the precision of the projectile, that is to say, the gun is good, if the sight parallax exists, then the gun would not be allowed.

Second, the sight is to focus the lens, still focus on the side

Americans and Europeans are divided into two camps on the use of sight, the United States to individualized, like the small and medium-sized, this is mainly to carry convenience, the European pie more traditional and more like more strictly calculated by the optical Of the large-diameter objective of the gun aiming, such as Chase turned out to have produced a 65mm objective lens gun.

So the diameter of the objective lens is about 50MM is the most fair, so it will be derived from the 8X56 gun sight.

5.8MM (the largest eye pupil diameter) X8 sights the maximum magnification) = 46.4MM. Better than 8 times the gun aim. By calculating the formula we can see: from the results we can see that the 25.65MM and 26MM deviation of only 0.1MM. The objective lens diameter value is reasonable.We take a median of 5.8MM (eye pupil maximum diameter) X4.5 (sights maximum magnification) = 26.1MM. Under normal circumstances the human eye pupil diameter of about 5MM , Close to about 6MM at night.Then: also to 1.25-4.5X26 gun sight as an example, calculate: the pupil diameter of the human eye X optical sights multiples = objective diameter

There are a lot of caliber. Small 20MM, large 56MM, which is the kind of detail is not a mess. Aiming lens aperture and the magnification has a certain relationship. Too small into the light is insufficient, too much is a Kind of spread, such as 1.25-4.5X26 gun aiming its objective lens diameter is only 26MM, many people first reaction is this caliber is small.Its objective lens caliper has a formula.

Three sight is good with a large caliber, still small and medium caliber

For hunt users, hunting with carry the telescope, it is recommended to use a multiplier is not too high sights. High magnification, not that is, high precision, such as six times, eight times. Ten times, twelve times Can be unfavorable then carry the telescope, then the sight can choose high zoom type, high magnification sight at high magnification, as mentioned earlier, in addition to aiming function there is a help you to modify the ballistic function. You need a high degree of gun aim to be able to meet the high demand, such as 3-9 type, 6-24 type or 3-12-fold type .6-18-fold type. Are good choices, so you in the wild , It will not be due to the correction trajectory and worries, but I personally suggest that there is still a separate telescope or observation target better, so not only make you more convenient in the wild or shooting range. Conversion ratio, in particular, can improve the life of gun sight.

If the user is shooting all year round in the shooting range, you do not need to use the zoom, because the zoom is theoretically in error, although not too bad when hunting, but in the shooting range for a very fine aiming, and sometimes There will be fluctuations, especially for some mirror used for many years .This is the need to pay attention to, in foreign countries, a lot of shooting range professional players, with all the fixed times type sight, Is a zoom gun aim for their own guns. This is not an ultimate accurate answer, generally to the user's purposes, where a lot of guns aim. There are a lot of them are used in detail what kind of easy to use. Look at the details of the user, if the hunting-based, it is recommended to use the zoom, due to zoom in the distance and near the meticulous targeting, high magnification conducive to observation and found the target for bomb observation, low magnification Is conducive to a wide range of near search, but here we suggest that it is best not to unscrew the sight ring regularly, this may lead to mobile parts wear, resulting in variable-gain error, if the user economic conditions permit, We recommend that users buy a small millennium So that you can achieve the purpose of the search target.

Four. Variable zoom is still scheduled to take aim

Here to remind, if it is like to play a fixed target to play the game friends. Can use more times, such as ten times, which is the best option. Ordinary conventional airsoft or crossbow range is limited to 6 times the following aiming Mirror can be. For the longer range gun suitable for high magnification sight, here referred to as high times more than 6 times due to too low magnification. Sagittarius is not easy to observe the firing point of each hair, it is not easy to subdivide fine target. Handheld best not to exceed 12 times, due to hand-held jitter, magnification is too high, but not easy to target. More than 12 times the best on the stent fixed observation

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