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Several factors affecting the life of the scope
Oct 10, 2018

In theory, the life of the scope is very long, but in practice, there are still many phenomena in which the scope is not used for a long time. So today we will explore several factors that affect the life of the scope.

1, the same quality, the life of the zoom mirror is certainly less than a fixed multiple. The structure of the doubling mirror is simple, and the variator mirror has a variator inside, which increases the difficulty of the product manufacturing process and the complexity of the product itself. When the scope we use is a zoom mirror, when the zoom operation is performed, the internal mechanism will produce normal wear and tear, and then the parts inside the product will have a gap. At the end, the sight will slowly fail. There is only one rotating mirror group inside the doubling mirror, and there is almost no such problem.

2, the scope requires a reasonable adjustment method. Unreasonable adjustment will only shorten the life of the scope. In the sales process of the sights, we often encounter some customers who return the sights. In fact, these sights have not been used yet but they are damaged. It is not the customer who deliberately broke it. What is the reason for the real damage? In fact, the customer has no reasonable adjustment. For example, when adjusting the light sight, the adjustment button needs to be alternately screwed, not just the low or low. After a long time, the adjustment button of the sight will be easy to malfunction.

3, to learn to waterproof, prevent high heat. Although most of the sights claim to be waterproof, in practice, many sights are still not really waterproof. Usually in areas where water is easy to enter, such as zoom rings and ballistic adjustment buttons, there are seals. We must pay attention to tightening the eyepiece locking ring after each adjustment, otherwise the moisture will enter from here. The sights should be kept away from areas with high temperatures. If the heat is too close to the hot area, the sights will easily fail.

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