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The adjustment principle of laser Receiver
Nov 10, 2017

Because laser collimation is the principle of replacing the point of the original gun "line" with the laser light point to adjust the school, according to the original gun design distance requirements of the target point and the ballistic relationship between the impact (high and low 0-bit eight ring bottom ring), adjust the laser point at the center of the 10 ring, after the completion of the archer just let the laser point on the 10 ring can be fired, At this point, the gun in the set a good distance should be the laser point point, bullets can hit where!

The primary use of laser collimator is the auxiliary aiming, which indicates the goal. For inconvenient use aiming at the direct aim of the time, such as with gas masks, masks, night vision instrument, these things will affect the person's cheek movements caused by the aim can not be directly through the target.

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