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The advantages and disadvantages of the reticle scope
Oct 18, 2018

Whether it's a red dot sight or simple sight or other kinds of sights, who often use the sights will find such an interesting phenomenon: in some sights, the position of the reticle is in front, ie The reticle is placed forward; some of the reticle's reticle is placed behind, that is, the reticle is placed behind.

Many friends don't understand. It's not good to fix the reticle in one place. Why do you want to divide them into front and rear? Today we will use the reticle front as an example to explain to you, the front of the reticle Comparison of advantages and disadvantages, let everyone understand why we should put the reticle front.

The biggest advantage of the reticle front is that it is not affected by the override.

When shooting a target with a zoom sight, if the reticle of the scope is front-mounted, then regardless of whether the magnification of the scope is four or eight times, when we observe the same object, the target is determined. The position of the impact point will not change. So once we have determined the position of the impact point of the scope, no matter how the magnification changes, we do not need to adjust the position of the scope.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and the front of the scope is no exception. After we have placed the scope in front of the scope, we can see it clearly when there is any flaw in the scope. Imagine that when we zoom in on the magnification of the front reticle's scope, a small drop of water or a small dust on the sight is also magnified, which not only affects the aesthetics of the scope, but also for our shots. Will have an impact.

Regardless of whether the position of the scope reticle is front or rear, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, we should purchase according to their own habits and actual use.

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