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The characteristics of the holographic sight
Oct 12, 2018

There are no two identical leaves in the world. It is said that there are no two identical people in our lives. Two things, as one of the sights, the holographic sights are used in the same way as other sights. There are also places that are different from other sights.

What are the characteristics of holographic sights when used?

Feature one, capable of aiming at objects in motion.

Friends who have hunted know that stationary objects are not hunted like moving objects. This is because stationary objects are not moving, so we can accurately position them when using the scope, and hunting It's easy, but the position of the moving object is variable, so that even with the help of high-powered sights, we can't kill them. This is not the case with holographic sights. The holographic sights have the function of automatic positioning. Even if the target object is moving continuously, we can accurately hunt them with the aiming scope.

Feature 2, a wide range of uses.

Some sights can only be used when shooting. Some sights can only be used when hunting in the wild. Their range of use is too small and too small compared to holographic sights. With the development of the times, the atmosphere of our life and entertainment is becoming wider and wider, and the atmosphere of holographic sights is getting bigger and bigger: the shooting projects in the Olympic Games, the military exercises in the sea, land and air... can all find holographic sights. shadow.

Features three, wear resistance.

Because of the carelessness and other reasons, the lens will inevitably rupture when the scope is used. Other sight glasses cannot be used after the lens is broken. The holographic sights are different. Even if the lens is broken, we can still use them until the shooting work. carry out.

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