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The difference between pistol sight and optical sight
Sep 11, 2018

As is well known, pistol sighting is generally a one-handed straight-arm shooting state or a two-handed bending state. In this case, the requirements for optical sighting must be the farthest for the adult straight arm state or the two-handed bending gun state must meet the exit distance requirement. The general light sights on the market are rifle light sights, and the exit distance is up to 7,8 cm. This is far from satisfying the need for pistol use. If you use it, you should shrink your hand and twist it ten times! The most special thing about pistol sighting is that it has a large margin range for its exit distance. Generally, it is at least in the range of 25 cm to 50 cm. And because the accuracy of the pistol walk is not very high, and the pistol itself is a fast shot, you can't choose a too high magnification to cause the field of view difference. Therefore, the general pistol aiming must meet the wide range of exit distance and must also take into account the small magnification amplification or collimation. Type (no magnification) requirements!

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