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Method of using pneumatic spray gun
Nov 10, 2017

1. Before the preparation of the use of the spray gun body air inlet interface with a good compressed gas source (compressed air into the gun must be filtered through the oil-water separator), the trachea, to adjust the pressure 0.45-0.5mpa.

2. The charge will be coated with the corresponding diluent mix (directly buy the blend paint does not need to add thinner) and the viscosity to "Paint 4th Ford Cup" 17-24s (Cup leakage paint time), there are impurities in the paint needs to be filtered, and then the paint into the paint cans.

3. Fog amplitude adjustment screws clockwise rotation, until tight, can get round section fog amplitude, if counterclockwise rotation, you can obtain the ellipse (sector) truncated width of the fog, and according to the actual need to adjust the length.

4. Spraying volume adjustment will be the amount of spray adjustment screws clockwise rotation, so that the needle plug to reduce the opening stroke, the amount of paint with the decrease, counterclockwise direction rotation, the amount of increase.

5. Air volume adjustment screws clockwise rotation, gas gradually reduced, counterclockwise rotation, increasing the gas.

6. Use when you use, slightly move the trigger, so that the valve open, but the needle plug is not open, compressed air from the air nozzle spray, then can blow off the surface of the coating dust, and then continue to move the trigger, spray nozzle that spray paint mist.

7. After the use of cleaning and maintenance, the paint can be emptied of the remaining material in the tank, with the appropriate diluent, the agent cleaning everywhere, and the diluent into the paint can be sprayed in order to clean the paint, until the spray gun inside the paint road to clean up, otherwise left in the gun paint will dry up the remaining paint, damage spray gun, wash clean with a clean soft cloth dry can.

8. Precautions can not be made with sharp wire through the spout nozzle and air jet nozzles each small hole, otherwise any damage will cause abnormal spray.

9. Spray gun cleaning should not be immersed in the diluent for a long time. 10. The main parts of the painting gun are made of aluminum alloy and brass material, it is not suitable to contact with strong acidic alkaline medium to prevent corrosion damage.

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