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The principle of holographic sight
Dec 25, 2017

Holographic sighting principle: A person who has experience with a reflective sightscope and holographic diffraction, or who has played some FPS games, will find the two methods used in the same way, with the red dot at the target. Although both operate similarly, the principle of "red dot" is quite different.

As we said before, the red dot seen on the reflective sight is the virtual image formed by the light of the light source striking the reticle and then reflected by the surface of the beamsplitter to the human eye. The red dot seen on the holographic diffractive sights, on the other hand, is the hologram of the reticle created by the holographic imaging / imaging technique.

The holographic sight screen is a holographic photograph of all the information about the amplitude and phase of transmitted light waves passing through the reticle. Of course, the reticle will not be installed in the scope, it is only used in the factory to produce holographic sight hologram used to capture the holographic scope of the reticle is a reticle shot of a hologram. The way to shoot is this:

The laser emits a laser and is split into two beams by a beam splitter. One of the beams passes through a lens group and collimates into parallel light, and is directly irradiated onto the holographic photosensitive film as a reference light. The other beam passes through the lens as illumination light Irradiates the reticle, passes through the transparent part of the reticle, and then is collimated by the lens to be parallel light, and finally irradiates to the holographic photoreceptor, so that the hologram image of the reticle is completed.

Holographic sight is the holographic laser holographic diffraction type sight, is a direct observation of the bomb point and bomb point as aiming at the revolutionary speed aiming sight. Aim fast and shoot accurately. (Holographic sight with a two-point line of sight, rather than the traditional concept of three-point line of sight).

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