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There are several points to note when using and maintaining the Bipod
Nov 20, 2018

Adjusting the height of the two-legged Bipod allows the shooter to have a more comfortable shooting position, which is beneficial to improve the shooting performance. The tightness of the bolt and the tightness of the rotation of the firearm also need to be adjusted to avoid temporary adjustment during the shooting process;

Place the surface of the two-legged Bipod as far as possible to select a soft surface, and then compact the two-legged Bipod on a soft surface. What needs to be emphasized here is that on the soft ground, it is necessary to compact the two-legged bipod to avoid loosening, and at the same time avoid placing the two-legged Bipod on the rock or metal surface. The supporting surface is too rigid, and it will not absorb the firearms. Vibrate, but will return the vibration energy completely to the firearm;

After each use, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the two-legged bipod to remove the dirt and sand particles on the legs to ensure that the bracket can freely contract and elongate;

After each use, thoroughly dry the two-legged bipod to avoid rusting; at the same time, make proper maintenance and rub the lubricating oil to ensure that the parts slide or rotate flexibly;

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