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What are the characteristics and uses of the brakes
Nov 10, 2017

Main design features

interlocking type of equalization device, patented technology, in the use of the process can always maintain both sides of the pad and no need to adjust, can completely avoid due to the uneven distance between the side brake liner floating brake wheel phenomenon; and equipped with pad automatic device.

The main swing hinge points are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, high transmission efficiency, long life, in the use of the process without lubrication.

Brake Pads for the card-mounted integral forming structure, replacement is very convenient, fast, with a half metal (asbestos-free) hard and semi-rigid, soft (including asbestos) and other materials of different brake pads for users to choose.

Main Features:

1 stable braking, safe and reliable,

2 The main swing hinge points are self-lubricating bearing, high transmission efficiency and long life.

3 braking torque is displayed directly.

4 equal-distance device, avoid brake liner floating-stick brake wheel.

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