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What are the common ways to fix the rails
Aug 02, 2018

Common fixed rail slots for sights are mainly Picatinny rail slots, dovetail slots, and side-mounted three common methods.

The Picatinny rail is designed by the Picatinny factory in the United States, hence the name, also known as fish bone. The high and low protrusions themselves have anti-displacement effect, simple and practical. They are widely used by NATO countries to install gun sights on the gun body, and install tactical lights, lasers and other tactical equipment in front of the guard. His groove width is usually considered to be around 20mm. As shown below

The dovetail slot is a relatively backward form of installation gun sight. It is mainly used for domestic and foreign gas warehouses, bows and other civilian equipment. Because the rail groove itself is a simple two card slot, it is not strong in the case of strong vibration. It may be resistant to the displacement caused by vibration. Therefore, some civilian equipments in foreign countries use the dovetail slot to specially manufacture a scope stop (which can be translated into a sight stop device) as a measure to resist the back movement of the mirror ring. However, not all dovetail slots are equipped with this accessory. Some of them do not have this accessory at the factory, and some so-called anti-return devices produced in China are only in the form, because the anti-return device itself is installed on the dovetail groove which is not resistant to displacement. This will lose the practical effect of the retreat. The actual stop must be securely and securely attached to the end of the gun body.


The dovetail groove is generally considered to have a groove width of about 11 mm, and is often considered to be 12 mm. According to the situation, the dovetail groove has a circular arc shape and a flat surface. For example, most of the spring-made gas-wood silos have a circular arc shape because the dovetail groove is directly engraved on the gun body, and the domestically-made compressed gas wooden silo is presented on the end of the machine. Plane, so the groove at both ends is the flat side dovetail groove. See the attached figure below



Side-mounted, this installation method is combined with the attachment bracket of the gun sight and the body screw or the card slot in the case that the original gun does not have any existing mounting rails. This installation method is mainly used in Russia. Svd sniper rifle and World War II 98k, Mogana new rifle, etc.

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