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What are the effects of hydraulic safety brakes?
Nov 10, 2017

Application: Hydraulic safety (emergency) brake is a high power braking device used in low speed shaft (reel shaft), which can be widely

It is used for the emergency safety braking of large and medium-sized cranes, port loading and unloading machinery and the low speed shaft of the arm frame house. Mine

Working braking and emergency safety braking of hoists, hoists and high power dip-type belt conveyor, cable car and cable lifting

The safety braking of the machine drive mechanism, the safety (emergency) braking of the low-speed shaft of the hoisting mechanism of special cranes such as casting cranes.

Constant-closed design, safe and reliable, special disc spring force braking, need to be equipped with hydraulic drive release device.

The movement is nimble, closes (the gate) time is short.

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