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What is the effect of the red Light in the red light gun Sight?
Sep 12, 2018

Optical sights often do not accurately target the target at night or in dimly lit conditions. The problem with exposure is the inability to distinguish between the line of sight and the target. Night vision equipment such as low-light sights are expensive and easy to break. In order to solve this problem, a red light illumination gun sight was introduced from the tactical. Red or green lighting is to set a special diode red or green light in the mirror or both to illuminate the internal sighting facility. Thus, in the dim light or at night, it is convenient to aim at the visible object (as long as the object can be distinguished by the naked eye) or the illuminating object (such as the muzzle flare on the battlefield). Red light, green lighting gears depending on the ambient light to choose strong and weak files. The darker the light is selected, the weaker the gear is. If the selected gear does not match the ambient light, the red light will be too strong and the glare will affect the target and reduce the aiming accuracy. Or too weak to achieve the actual effect, but in general, it is sufficient to select 1-1-4 gears when red light is required. The remaining high-end seats are perfectly suited for special occasions. For the naked eye to observe, the green light is softer than the red light, and the green light effect is more comfortable and not suitable for fatigue.

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