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Application Of Laser Drilling Technology Parameters
Nov 10, 2017

Laser drilling technology is widely used in many industrial processes because of its high energy and high focusing, which makes the materials with high hardness and melting point more and more easy to process. For example, a micron-scale aperture is machined on a high melting-point molybdenum plate, a small hole of dozens of microns is machined on a hard tungsten carbide, a hundreds of micron deep hole is machined on red and sapphire, a diamond wire drawing die, and a first-class spinneret of the chemical fiber. The laser power density of 100~1000w/cm2 can be obtained by using the characteristic of high concentration in space and time, and easily lifting the spot diameter to micron level. Such a high power density can be carried out in almost any material by laser drilling. Usually the laser drilling machine consists of five parts: solid laser, electrical system, optical system, projection system and three-coordinate moving worktable. The five components work together to accomplish the drilling task.

Solid-state lasers are mainly responsible for the production of laser light source, the electrical system is mainly responsible for the power supply and control laser output mode (pulse or continuous type, etc.), and the function of optical system is to focus the laser beam accurately on the workpiece processing parts. To this end, it contains at least two parts of a laser focusing device and an observation aiming device. The projection system is used to display the back of the workpiece. The worktable is controlled by manual or numerical control device, moving in three coordinate direction, conveniently and accurately adjusting the workpiece position. Working table processing area of the table is generally made of glass, because the opacity of the metal table will be caused by the detection inconvenience, and the table will be worn after the workpiece was damaged. A suction and blowing device is arranged under the focusing objective lens above the worktable to keep the working surface and the focus objective clean.