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Cleaning method of high pressure water gun
Nov 12, 2017

1. Immersion cleaning in the cleaning tank to add cleaning fluid, will be washed into the cleaning method. Because cleaning only

The chemical action of the liquid is washed, so the washing ability is weak and takes a long time. Circulating cleaning fluid.

2, Air jet cleaning in the cleaning tank installation of the spray pipe (multiple straws), with the steam to spray the cleaning liquid on the washing material

Cleaning method. The pressure is 20kg/cm2 above.

3, spray cleaning from the side of the tank to the cleaning liquid in the liquid phase, by the cleaning fluid of the stirring force (physical effect)

Promote the cleaning of polyester. Washing ability is stronger than immersion cleaning.

4, scrub in the cleaning chamber installation brush, the workpiece has a special support or fixture, in the cleaning agent impregnation or drench

At the same time, mainly by the brush and workpiece mechanical friction to clean, as a primary cleaning, direct effect.

5, Ultrasonic cleaning in the cleaning tank installed ultrasonic oscillator, resulting in ultrasonic energy (thousands of pressure of the impulse

Hit the wave), will be washed the whole way of washing things.

6, spray cleaning in the cleaning tank to install spray tube, in the gas phase will be sprayed into the cleaning fluid, pressure

Insufficient 2kg/cm2.

7, decompression cleaning in the cleaning tank to produce negative pressure, because of decompression, detergent can better penetrate to the seam of the Wash

Gap. If and ultrasonic action, the cleaning effect will be greatly enhanced.

8, spray cleaning in the washing tank to install spray tube, in the gas phase will be washed to wash the washing on the cleaning side

9. The rotary cylinder is cleaned in the groove to install the rotating device, while rotating the cylinder body and stirring the cleaning material. Multi-jet flow,

Ultrasonic washing combination.

10, shaking the cleaning in the groove to install the shaking mechanism, loaded into the wash, so that in the sink and up and down movement, more with

Spray flow, ultrasonic washing combination use.