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Free Floating Definition
Nov 10, 2017
The theory is that every bullet is fired, the barrel will undergo an expansion of the swing of the process, if the contact with the wood, because the shooter's hand-held position changes, hold the wood pressure of the different, the wood itself because of the temperature and humidity coefficient of expansion of the difference in the barrel will affect the position and the strength of the contact point, When the warhead passes through the barrel, it produces different stresses, allowing the barrel vibration (swinging) to become inconsistent with each shot, making the accuracy worse. In some cases, an aluminum bushing or an aluminum liner may be added to the wood, the liner and the liner are not in contact with the barrel, and the contact between the guard wood and the liner will not affect the barrel. The distance between the barrel and the guard or the liner, whether or not lined, is usually the degree of free movement of a piece of paper, not too large or too small.