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Laser Drilling Technology
Nov 10, 2017

Laser drilling is the first practical laser processing technology, but also one of the main application fields of laser processing. The traditional processing method of the material with high hardness and melting point can not meet some technological requirements. This kind of processing tasks using conventional machining methods is difficult, sometimes even impossible, while laser drilling is not difficult to achieve. Laser beam is highly concentrated in space and time, the laser power density of 105-1015w/cm2 can be obtained by using lens focusing to reduce the spot diameter to micron level. Such a high power density can be almost any material in the laser drilling, and other methods such as mechanical drilling, EDM and other conventional drilling means compared to the following notable advantages: 1 laser drilling speed, high efficiency, good economic benefits. Because laser drilling is a high-energy laser beam which uses power density as l07-109w/cm2, the effect time is only 10-3-10-5s, so the laser drilling speed is very fast. The High-efficiency laser can be combined with high-precision machine tool and control system, and the microprocessor is programmed to realize high efficiency drilling. The efficiency of laser drilling in different workpieces is l0-1000 times higher than that of electric spark hole and mechanical borehole.