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Overview Of Spreader
Nov 10, 2017

The hanger is commonly used in the sling, wire rope, chain and other special rigging. The lifting sucker, clamp and fork can be used as a special sling for a long time on the crane, also can be used as a replaceable auxiliary sling hanging on the hook, often used in many warehouse and yard, in order to improve the efficiency of operation. Grab the hanging of the bulk material is generally the jaw plate can open and close the grab, also can be used to absorb magnetic suction cups such as metal chip and other conductive materials. Lifting of the mobile material is commonly used in the bucket and hanging cans, generally through the tilt or bottom plug and other ways to unload molten steel or chemical solution, by opening the bottom door of the hanging tank to unload concrete and other liquid materials.

Spreader in order to meet the day-to-day maintenance of large-scale mechanical lifting, some of the domestic sling companies have also designed a number of special sling, such as fan spreader, Tower crane, Blade spreader, wheel spreader, steam turbines and other non-standard lifting