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The Operation Mode Of The Rifle Is Air-blown
Nov 10, 2017

The mode of operation used by the rifle is gas-blown. When a bullet passes through the blowhole at the top of the gun, the gas is discharged from the gun tube. The gas then surges into the blowhole and enters the trachea above the barrel. The trachea has been reached from the base of the AR-15 to the upper casing. Here, the trachea is inserted into a "gas bond", which introduces the gas and makes it pass through funnel-shaped pipes into the bolt-connecting seat. The incoming gas makes the bolt and the gun machine move in the opposite direction. As the gun moves toward the back of the gun, the bolt begins to turn and release from the barrel extension. The cam pin is responsible for the rotation of the Bolt, which is released along a notch into a helical gun machine. When the Bolt is released, the gun continues to move backwards and the shell is separated.

A reset spring after the buffer is then pushed back to the breech chamber. A groove into the upper casing blocks the cam pin and prevents it from rotating into a closed position with the bolt. The latch block of the bolt then pushes another bullet into the loaded ramp and into the chamber. When the bolt latch block is passed through the casing extension, the cam pin can be rotated into a container for lapping the receiver. The rotation moves along with the groove into the gun machine and causes the bolt to rotate and lock into the barrel extension.